Teel met Lisa while slinging lattes during college when they had no idea what they were going to do with their liberal arts degree after graduation. Lisa offered to mentor Teel while they got their real estate license and teach them everything she knows. It wasn’t just about growing her team—Lisa knew how important finding the right people to serve her clients would be and Teel was the right person for the job.

Teel is our listing manager and one heck of a project manager (just ask any one of our clients!). Teel is responsible for taking our carefully crafted seller plans and executing them beyond your expectations. They’re also a master of managing logistics and helping our sellers stay calm, cool, and confident.

Because Teel works closely with buyers AND sellers, they have a unique perspective on the process which gives us our competitive edge. We understand what buyers are willing to pay for when valuing your home while also crafting strategic home selling plans so you sell at the best possible price.

Teel’s Austin looks like…

Stopping by Paperboy for an Earl Grey cold brew before strolling through the Laguna Gloria sculpture garden near the West side

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